ORTHO™ Workstation

ORTHO™ Workstation
Precision and accuracy are critical in labs of any size. The ORTHO™ Workstation is the only compact 2-in-1 blood testing system with reliable ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS™) Gel Column Agglutination Technology (CAT). It’s a system engineered to help ensure the accuracy your patients deserve—with the convenience and ease of use your lab needs.

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Benefits & Features

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Increase precision and accuracy

Provide the accuracy your patients deserve with a validated system of ID-MTS™ Gel Cards—the serological standard for blood banks—with centrifuge and incubator. Proven reliable ID-MTS™ Gel Cards offer clear, stable, well-defined end points, objective interpretation of results, and a full assay portfolio.

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Maximize space and convenience

Maximize space in your lab with this compact 2-in-1 system that integrates the ID-MTS™ Gel Cards, centrifuge, and incubator. At approximately 24 pounds and with a width of 22.64 inches, the workstation is lightweight with a small footprint for space-constrained labs. With the ORTHO™ Workstation, your lab also has the ability to standardize on one technology.

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Simplify operations

Make it easy for all staff to operate the ORTHO™ Workstation with its language-neutral icons, enhanced alarm systems,* easy-to-perform centrifuge QC using a tachometer, and quick access to holding area for centrifuge balance-card

*Vs current MTS™ Centrifuge and MTS™ Incubator

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Improve process controls

Give your operators more control over processing with incubator temperature monitoring with visual indicator, a unique beeping pattern to indicate cycle completion, enhanced error code intelligence for troubleshooting, and a quiet centrifuge with translucent panels for visual monitoring

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Reduce your lab’s environmental footprint

Reduce your lab’s environmental impact with a system designed with the environment in mind. The ORTHO™ Workstation reduces device weight by 33% and energy consumption by 70% as compared to the current MTS™ Centrifuge and MTS™ Incubator. Packaged in an innovative, reusable multipurpose lab bag, the system also reduces external packaging by 54%.*

*Vs current MTS™ Centrifuge and MTS™ Incubator

Test Types

Examine the ORTHO™ Workstation menu of tests:
  • ABO Grouping/Rh Testing
  • NeoNatal Blood Type (Forward Only)
  • Blood Unit Confirmation (Group A, B, AB)
  • Blood Unit Confirmation (Group O)
  • Indirect Antiglobulin Testing
  • Compatibility Testing (Coombs Crossmatch)
  • Compatibility Testing (Immediate Spin Crossmatch)
  • Direct Antiglobulin Testing
  • Rh Phenotyping
  • Rh Typing


System Dimensions

+ Height: 220 mm (8.66 in)
+ Width: 575 mm (22.64 in)
+ Depth: 325 mm (12.80 in)
+ Weight: 10.89 kg (24 lb)


Power requirements:
+ 100 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz
+ Single phase (Input auto-senses voltage/current, no manual selection required)

Power consumption: 150 VA

Fuses: 2 required, T4AH250V - 4 amp, 250 V, ceramic, time delay, 5 x 20 mm

Speed & Timing

Cycle speed: 1032 rpm ± 10 rpm

Speed indicator: 4 digits

Timing indicator: 4 digits

Cycle timing: 10 minutes ± 10 sec. (including ramp-up time)

Centrifuge & Incubator

Centrifuge card capacity: 10 cards

Incubation temperature: 37°C ± 2°C

Incubator cassette capacity: 20 cards (2 sections of 10)

Noise level generated: Maximum 50 dba at 1 meter (during normal operation)


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