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To meet today’s challenges, having the right instrument is just the beginning. We understand you’ve been challenged to do more with less—and we share your commitment to delivering operational excellence and improved patient outcomes despite limited resources and increasing demand. That’s why we offer comprehensive, fully integrated laboratory solutions designed to enhance the total value of instrument ownership.

Predictive Technologies

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Get the support you need to make more informed decisions with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Predictive Technologies that use remote monitoring to proactively identify and help resolve potential problems before they interrupt your operations

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Inventory Management

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Gain greater productivity with ORTHO PLUSSM Inventory Management—designed to dramatically increase control of your lab’s reagent and consumable supplies and give you access to essential inventory management data online anywhere, anytime

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Lab Optimization

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Drive dramatic improvements in all areas of business performance with customized solutions designed to help you optimize the efficiency and performance of the people, processes, and products in your laboratory

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Training & Education

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Help your lab gain greatly enhanced operational efficiency from your Ortho Clinical Diagnostics products by getting your staff up to speed quickly through state-of-the-art training and education that’s customized to meet your needs

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