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Help your lab gain greatly enhanced operational efficiency from your Ortho Clinical Diagnostics products by getting your staff up to speed quickly through state-of-the-art training and education that’s customized to meet your needs.

Designed and led by certified instructors who are also members of our customer support team, our training program blends flexible learning options with consistent standards to increase user proficiency and maximize your staff’s and your system’s performance.

From basic operator training through advanced diagnostics and maintenance, we provide a full-circle approach for every staff member and every skill set. Our reason for being is to support your goals for improving patient care, and that begins by advancing your knowledge in the most effective way possible.

Benefits of enhanced training

Benefits of enhanced training include:

+ World-class start-up and ongoing education customized for your entire staff
+ Online, on-site, on-instrument, and in-classroom options for greater flexibility
+ Certified instructors who are subject matter experts for proven knowledge transfer
+ High customer training satisfaction rating

Talk to your Ortho Clinical Diagnostics representative about training options.

ORTHO PLUSSM Digital Tools

Register for ORTHO PLUSSM to gain access to reference tools including:
  • e-Antigram: Reference Antigram® antigen profiles in PDF format for viewing or printing, and in DAT format for upload to antibody identification software programs
  • Learning Center: Access online General Operator training classes and training transcripts
  • Knowledge Center: Explore multimedia resources and job aids on operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics instruments and assays

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This 24/7/365 virtual trade show and online learning environment offers you and your staff access to the latest educational content from the leading professionals in transfusion medicine.

Here you can keep up with professional trends and engage with key opinion leaders through live webcasts, on-demand videos, and interactive Q&A sessions.

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