In order for blood to travel safely from donor to patient, great care must be taken at each step in the process—from the collection of blood to the transfusion of the patient. And today’s financially strained environment calls for enhanced cost-efficient automation of that process to deliver a reduced labor-intensive solution within a process-controlled environment. The answer is the ORTHO VERSEIA® Integrated Processor (VIP)—an automated pipetting and processing system that brings together the ORTHO VERSEIA® Pipetter and ORTHO® Summit Processor to enable end-to-end pipetting and processing.

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Benefits & Features

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Boost productivity

Boost the productivity of your lab with automated scheduling and upfront loading capacity of 544 samples, reagents, and consumables—for 6 hours of operator walk-away time. The ORTHO VIP also offers 22 hours of continuous processing ability, running through multiple shifts and operators—for up to a 20% improvement in processing. The system also offers a “hot back-up” feature that removes the need to close all systems for back-up, as well as dual metering systems for reagents and samples, including the unique “safety net design.”

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Enhance compliance and reduce errors

Maintain comprehensive process control, documentation, and user verification with ORTHO VIP’s technology to control discrete functions, alarms and corrective action when needed, batch Record-of-Events, and independent quality assurance checks. The ORTHO VIP offers a 20% improvement in error management versus the ORTHO VERSEIA® Pipetter and ORTHO® Summit Processor separately.

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Optimize labor and reduce labor costs

Make the most of your staff with only 1 fully trained full-time employee needed to operate 3 ORTHO VIPs in a routine plasma testing environment. The ORTHO VIP requires reduced user interaction with increased wash buffer, sample, and reagent capacity.

Test Types

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) offers an extensive selection of assays for donor screening. OCD has an exceptional track record of being first to market with assays and systems technology. And we'll continue to provide new tests and technologies as needed to continue to help ensure a safe blood supply.
  • ORTHO® HCV 3.0 Elisa
  • GS HBsAg EIA*
  • GS HIV I/HIV 2 plus O*
  • ORTHO® HBcore Elisa
  • Avioq HTLV I/II*
  • ORTHO® T.cruzi Elisa
*Product not manufactured by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


System Dimensions

+ Height: 70 inches
+ Width: 126 inches
+ Depth: 49 inches
+ Weight: 1800 lbs


Component Power Consumption Max Current Circuit Requirements Heat Output
OAS GHz Server 936W 7.8A 100-240V
AS Workstation 600W 5A 100-120 ± 10%
50-60 Hz ± 10%
OSP Workstation 230W 2.2A 100-120 ± 10%
50-60 Hz ± 10%
Monitor (17" Flat) 48W 1.2A 120 V / 60 Hz N/A
Multitech MultiModem ZBA 5W 0.2A 115V / 60Hz N/A
APC Smart-UPS 750VA 500W N/A 120V Nominal
(84-144V), 50/60 Hz
+/- 3 Hz
Powerware FERRUPS - FE1.15KVA 800W 15A 120V / 60Hz 372
Eaton 9130 UPS 2000 VA 1800W 16.6A 120V Nominal
/ 45-65 Hz
Line: 838, Battery: 1348
Printer - HP LaserJet 4250N 680W 10A 110 - 127 V ± 10% 2550
Hand-held Scanner (VT3080) 0.5W 0.1A NA N/A
AutoReader IV standby - 50W operational - 110W 2.0A 110-120 & 220-240V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz N/A
APC Network Surge Protector N/A 0 110 - 240 N/A
Linksys Etherfast 10/100 16 port Hub, Model EFAH16W 15W 0.6A 90-250V, 50-60Hz N/A
ORTHO® Summit Processor - 24/20 ≤ 1008 VA, 756W 5.6A 100-120 ± 10%, 50-60 Hz ± 10%
< 100ms power supply interruptions.
ORTHO VERSEIA® Pipetter with Workstation 1200 VA 10A 100-120 ± 10%, 50-60 Hz ± 10% 3500

Samples & Assays

Assay technology: Microplate ELISA assays

Sample types: See assay IFU’s for appropriate samples

Sample dispense volume: See assay IFU’s for individual dispense volumes


For IFUs, MSDSs, and other technical documentation, see Technical Documents